Il birrificio Haandbryggeriet (Norvegia) cerca un birraio

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Wanted! Brewer & Brewery Production employee.

About the Brewery

Haandbryggeriet is a Norwegian small-scale brewery in Drammen, an old working-class city situated around the Drammen River. Haandbryggeriet was founded in 2005, by 4 friends and homebrewers. In 2016 two of the original co-founders/owners retired, leading to a new owner-constellation, with amongst others, craft-breweries like Austmann and 7 Fjell.
Haandbryggeriet is still run by the people in the brewery, and continues to aim for a wide range of high-quality brews.

In 2014 the brewery invested in a Rolec craft brewing system, and has since added to its all Ale production a few Lagers. None of which is filtered, or pasteurized.
The range is wide, from classical styles, through traditional ales, to new innovative types of ale. Often containing local/nordic ingredients like Crowberries, Lingonberries , Juniper berries or seabuckthorn.
Since 2005 a part of the production has also been devoted to barrel-ageing of ales, both sour ales and other.
In 2016 Haandbryggeriet secured funding for further work with our barrels & sour ales and look forward to keep presenting high quality craft beer.

Haandbryggeriet: Innovation & Tradition haand in haand.


One of our brewers is moving back to Sweden, and so we now accept applications to fill the position of a brewer/production worker.
We want an experienced brewer with a passion for craft brewing, who sees the value of working the brew from recipe to bottling.
Beeing a small brewery, everybody participate in different work duties and help out when needed,- so applicant need to be diverse, flexible and happy to contribute. Personality will be weighted.

Traveling and working evenings and weekends must be expected.

Full time.
Salary after agreement.

Work duties

  • Running, cleaning and maintenance of the filling machine
  • Brewing and processing of beer
  • Bottling and kegging of product
  • Yeast handling and sample analysis
  • Cleaning and maintenance of facilities and equipment
  • Participating in beer festivals and other events


  • 1 year of experience as professional brewer
  • Formal training at an accredited Brewing School
  • Mechanical abilities
  • Must be able to lift 25/40 kg
  • English fluent
  • Experience within food technology, biology and related are a plus
  • You must love craft beer!

Send CV and cover letter to:

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